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Akhil Bharatiya Hasya Kavi Sammelan

A Hasya Kavi Sammelan is an event in which humorous poetry is performed. These events are a fun and entertaining way to celebrate Indian culture and literature. It is a popular form of entertainment in India, and it has been around for centuries.

They provide a platform for poets to showcase their talents and allow audiences to enjoy humorous poetry. They are often light-hearted and humorous in nature, covering topics such as politics, religion, or everyday life. Recently, Gajera Trust had the great privilege and pleasure of hosting a Hasya Kavi Sammelan on 6th January 2023 at Sardar Smruti Bhavan on the occasion of 30th Anniversary of the Trust. This event was attended by staff along with their family members, parents, students of Gajera Group Of Schools and eminent personalities serving different significant sectors.

It was an event that provided us all with an evening of joy and laughter. It was a wonderful event that showcased the humor and wit of the great poets like Mr. Ajaat Shatru, Mr. Ramesh Muskan, Mr. Ranjit Rana, Mr. Yogendra Sharma, Mr. Pandit Ashok Nagar, Mr. Nisha Muni Gaud, Mr. Kamlesh Vasant, Mr. Parth Navin, Ms. Sonal Jain.

Attendees enjoyed the performances and even participated in the event by clapping and cheering. Everyone was truly amazed at the talent of the performers and the quality of the humour presented.

Overall, the Hasya Kavi Sammelan was a great success and it was a pleasure to have such a wonderful event.

We are truly grateful to the performers and Gajera Trust for putting on such an amazing show.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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