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CEE - Centre for Environment Education

Environmental education is a lifelong process with the objective of imparting to its target groups in the formal and non-formal education sectors, environmental awareness, ecological knowledge, attitudes, values, commitments for actions, and ethical responsibilities for the rational use of resources and for sound and sustainable development.

Environmental education emphasises the teaching of the holistic nature of the environment through interdisciplinary and problem-solving approaches. This has to start as early in education as possible. The primary school is the natural place to introduce children to environmental education, since at this level, they instinctively have a holistic view of the environment.

With this objective, Gajera International School, Utran conducted an orientation session for the students to know “how to protect the environment in the best possible ways”.

Ms. Mansi, Mr. Utsav Modi and Mr. Shreyash (Project-Coordinators) were highlighted the few important topics like how to conduct the activities under the five themes of eco-schools. Students and Teachers also shared their experience under the Eco School Programme.

The students participated in the above programme with great zeal and enthusiasm and enjoyed the programme.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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