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Digital Map of India

“The Application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it.”

~ Jack Dangermond

India is a country with most versatile landscape with its land area of 3.287 million km2. The Land is occupied with 138 Indian citizens. On the Map of India there are 6,00,000 villages. All the villages are rich in natural resources worth ₹ 23,345 crore including ₹10,595 crore of annual export.

India is on its way to prepare digital Maps of 6,00,000 villages and 3D Maps of 100 cities under the government initiative SVAMITVA (Survey of villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas). It is rightly believed that the trinity of geospatial systems, dron policy and unlocked space sector will be hallmark of India’s future economic progress.

The geographical information based system Mapping will be beneficial for studying and analyzing Forest Management, electrical utilities, land records, water distribution and property taxation. It would open up new arenas for India’s international Trade.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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