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Digital Revolution In The Education Space

In the wake of pandemic situation, we were forced to adopt the online examination mode. We’ve conducted our Post Mid-Term examination through online mode successfully.

The advent of technology has steadily digitized all services and offerings, taking them to the online platform, and education has been no exception. With the ubiquitous high-speed internet and laptops, the pervasiveness of technology has enabled a seamless transition to the online ecosystem.

Schools have progressed and adapted to Learning Management Systems, where software application tracks, reports, administers and documents materials shared with the students. This teaching and evaluation system facilitates a balanced approach toward imparting knowledge and an easy grading of the candidates.

The objective of online exams is to ensure that assessment givers can undertake the paradigm shift from offline to online processes. The online industry is growing rapidly, and factors such as convenience, scalability, increased reach, and customization are shaping its adoption. Established evaluation techniques are now nearing saturation and would soon become obsolete.

Principal, Gajera International School, Utran, Surat

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