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Diwali Celebration 2021

Diwali brings joy and new enlightenment. We forget all our worries and engage ourselves in the new brightness of diya to celebrate the most awaited festival “Diwali”!

Today, as we celebrate we cherish sweets, decoration, goodies and crackers with our family.

In the Indian mythology, diyas are symbol of “Purity” that ensures all types of evil powers are away from the house. We enlighten the diyas and celebrate this Diwali by enlightening our lives with goodness of organic diyas, homemade traditional cuisines and eco-friendly colours.

Today, when we take the small step to ensure that everything we do is in the favour of our environment, everything we try to change is in favour of our environment. Let us take the small step to celebrate our lives on this planet for as long as the generations come. They breathe fresh air, they drink portable water and they eat organic food.

Let's come together to celebrate this “Diwali” with great enthusiasm & zeal and let us vow to keep our family and our planet at large safe and breathable.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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