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Time For a New Focus

"Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”

Due to the unavoidable circumstances of Covid-19, in the year 2020, we have been stepped towards Online Learning with the aim of helping learners succeed at learning online. Along the way, We have included learning strategies while continuing to learn. An advantage in the field of online learning, is that we frequently see information about interesting padagogies of learning. We'll be continuing our online learning journey for a while yet.

Parents are appreciating the initiative taken by the management for learners.

The learners and parents are happy with online education and with the materials and videos which are provided to them by

educators. Numbers of learners attending e-learning classes is increasing day by day.

Our educators are trying to give the best education in Google Classroom. They personally helped the parents to get their children connected to the classes in case they did not understand the process. Parents admired the educators for being supportive and co-operative.

Initially younger ones had taken a little time to adjust themselves with e-learning and they were needed parents' presence for the classes. But gradually these young learners got used to the online education system and seem to be more focused, attentive and fascinating for the classes they have.

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email to

All the best for your online learning!

By Gajera International School, Utran, published on December 14 2020.

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