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Educational Visit to Vatsalyadham

A noble thought of Shri. Vasantbhai Gajera and Smt. Champaben Vasantbhai Gajera to help the needy and homeless children, struggling even for basic needs, gave birth to Vatsalyadham – A Home for Orphans.

Vatsalyadham has become a centre of holistic development for these children. It provides physical, mental and spiritual support to the children and makes them capable to create their own identity.

At present, most of them have gained high degree of education, serving happily in their profession, and leading a respectable life. Not just Education, Vatsalyadham also provides an environment of immense opportunities to realize their passion and unlock full potential for achieving the best of their abilities.

The visit to Vatsalyadham was a notable event which was organised for the learners of Grade 1 to 4 on 29th and 30th of November,2022. It was organized to show them how the resident-children live a sustainable life there. The learners enjoyed the delicious breakfast served at Vatsalyadham.

They got an opportunity to view the bio-gas plant, well - disciplined learners in the classroom and clean and green environment. The visit turned into an exchange of ideas as learners of GISU learnt how being self-dependent is important in life.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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