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Educator's Development Program

Gajera International School in Utran recently organized an enriching Educational Development Program aimed at equipping educators with the latest teaching methodologies and strategies. The program covered a wide range of topics, including phonics, subject integration, and specialized training sessions in various subjects, such as Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Science, and even Artificial Intelligence (AI). This comprehensive initiative provided educators from the pre-primary to secondary sections with valuable insights and tools to enhance their teaching skills and foster an engaging learning environment for students.

Phonics and Subject Integration session was specifically designed for pre-primary educators. Phonics, a method of teaching reading and writing by focusing on the sounds of letters and letter combinations, has proven to be an effective approach in early childhood education. The educators gained a deeper understanding of how to incorporate phonics into their teaching practices, enabling them to improve students' language and literacy skills from a young age.

Additionally, the subject integration session emphasized the importance of connecting various subjects to promote interdisciplinary learning. Educators learned how to integrate different subjects seamlessly, fostering a holistic approach to education. By creating connections across subjects, learners are encouraged to apply knowledge from one discipline to another, thereby enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

To ensure the professional growth of educators across all grade levels, we offered subject-specific training sessions for all educators. The training covered a range of subjects, including Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Science, and even Artificial Intelligence. These sessions were tailored to address the specific needs and challenges faced by educators in each subject area.

The Hindi and English sessions focused on effective language instruction, improving vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills. Educators gained valuable insights into innovative teaching strategies that facilitate language development and foster a love for literature among learners.

The Mathematics training sessions aimed to enhance educators' pedagogical skills, emphasizing conceptual understanding and problem-solving techniques. Educators were introduced to various resources and approaches that make learning mathematics more engaging and accessible for learners.

In the Social Sciences sessions, educators delved into history, geography, and civics, gaining new perspectives and methods to make these subjects more relatable and interactive. By incorporating real-world examples and encouraging discussions, educators can ignite learners' curiosity and help them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

The Science sessions explored hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and inquiry-based learning methods. Educators were introduced to the latest developments in scientific fields, enabling them to keep their teaching content relevant and inspiring for learners.

AI training sessions showcased the potential of integrating artificial intelligence into the classroom. Educators learned about AI applications, resources, and tools that can augment teaching and learning experiences, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills among learners.

Educational Development Program has undoubtedly empowered educators with a wide array of skills and knowledge. By focusing on phonics, subject integration, and specialized training in various subjects, the program has equipped educators with innovative teaching methods and resources. These newly acquired tools will undoubtedly lead to enhanced teaching practices and a more engaging learning environment for learners. Our commitment to continuous professional development has positioned our educators as catalysts for academic excellence, ultimately benefiting the entire school community. Ultimately, the program's impact will extend beyond the classroom, benefiting the learners by providing them with a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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