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Flameless Cooking Competition 2021

Is it possible to cook without fire? “Yes very much possible!”

Keeping this in mind, Gajera International School, Utran conducted "Flameless Cooking Competition" for Parents of Pre-primary section and Grade 1 to 5 on 6th January 2022.

The competition was conducted with a view to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without flame, the necessity and advantages of healthy eating.

The Parents prepared healthy dishes like Mayo pav, Brownie bread, Fruit cake, Khakhra pizza, Biscuit pizza, Basket chaat, Chocolate balls, Khakhra chaat and many more using easy and quick recipes.

They served the dishes in an artistic and aesthetic way which was most appealing and the display were a visual treat tickling to the taste buds.

The judges for the day were Dr. Shilpee Agrawal ( Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition, Assistant Professor at Women's University), Mr. Manzil Dhruv (Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Industrial Trainee at Taj Aravali Resort, Udaipur in Food Production Department) who judged on the basis of presentation, nutritive value, creativity and taste of food.

By Gajera International School


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