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Fruits Dish Decoration Competition 2021

Fruit Dish Making Competition was conducted on virtual platform. The competition was for preschool learner’s. The objective behind the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the youth.

The participants' creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouthwatering fruits.

The participants explained the speciality of their fruits and also the importance of including fruits in our regular diet for maintaining good health and keeping diseases at bay.

The main focus of the Competition was not only the preparation of Fruit dish decoration but also upon their artistic presentation which carried an aesthetic aspect. Equal emphasize was on the hygienic considerations which was to be kept in view while preparing and dressing the final product.

Cleanliness, safety, taste and presentation were the basic criterion for the judgment. Judges encouraged the students to make fruit salad eating a routine habit to maintain a healthy life.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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