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Hindi Diwas 2022

Being one of the most diverse nations in the world, India is a place where numerous traditions, customs, religions and languages flourish. And among all the languages, Hindi is considered one of the chief as well as the widely spoken language in India.

Language and culture of any country plays an important role in making people to connect with others and helps in making a strong nation. Hindi is a language of love, togetherness and brotherhood. HINDI DIWAS is celebrated on 14 September with great pride and vigor as Hindi was adopted as the official language of our nation, India on September 14, 1949. In contemporary times where people are deviating from their roots, such day a Hindi Diwas plays a significant role in helping them stay connected with their roots to Hindi. It not only helps people in staying close to their tradition and culture, but also encourages people to adopt Hindi as their first spoken language and give it its due status.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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