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I.I.M.U.N (India's International Movement to Unite Nations)

The three-day-long India's International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) at Gajera Global school, which had 400 plus participants from almost 20 schools of a city. The last day of the IIMUN began with sessions of solutions proposed by ingenious delegates from different simulated committees. The 8 students and 3 students in Executive team of Gajera International school participated in IIMUN. Gajera International School, Utran felicitated the students by having a special assembly for them. These delegates shared their experience with other students of grade 6 to 10 and motivates the other students to participate in IIMUN in future.

These delegates tried to solve global issues in the academic simulation of United Nation while being members in committees ranging from UNSC, UNGA, CII to Lok Sabha and many more. These solutions were later compiled into resolutions. It is learnt that since IIMUN has an understanding with the UN as well as the Ministry of External Affairs, the drafted resolutions which are formed in the conventional committees of the simulated UN now will be forwarded to the UN while the resolutions of the Indian Cabinet committee will be forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs.

One of the delegate of our school, Om Kakadiya got the silver medal and certificate for its outstanding performance as a President of UNGA. At the end, Vice principal of the school gave a vote of thanks and said “The IIMUN was indeed a good training ground for the youth to learn to deal with issues in an amicable manner. This has been an extended training in life skills and certainly given the youth the power to try and change the world for better.

The top delegate of every committee was selected as the best delegate and awarded with certificates and Gifts. Students motivated and surely look forward to contributing towards a solution for the bigger problems being faced internationally now.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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