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Maker's Day Prize Distribution Ceremony 2021

“You are born to Win, but to be a Winner, You must plan to Win, Prepare to Win, & Expect to Win.”

- Zig Ziglar

Gajera International School organised Award Ceremony for Maker’s Day for Pre-Primary Section. With the Vision of our trustee Ms. Kinjal Gajera to imbibe young learners to showcase their unique talent through four facets of Sunita’s Makerspace.

The four areas of competition was conducted were Creativity, Innovation, Social and Synergy at the exceptional platform of Sunita’s Makerspace.

The young little Gajerians were motivated by presence of a trustee Mr. Chunibhai Gajera, PSI H.V. Chaudhari, Amroli & Dr. Ankita Patel, Physician at Utran Health Centre.

All Educators and parents appreciated the awardees on the occasion. The program was done with splendid performance of dance and drama by our little toddlers. We wish all our participants and parents a hearty gratitude for active participation for Maker's Day. Congratulation to all the winners on the achievement on Maker's Day.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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