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National No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day, held every second Wednesday of March. The day is designed as a time to reach out to friends or family members who suffer from nicotine addiction. Research shows the number of people around the world who still smoke cigarettes — and are not actively trying to quit — is severely dwindling.

The stigma surrounding smoking and the dangers of first-hand and second-hand smoke tend to get more severe as time goes on. But on National No Smoking Day, many are encouraged to help others quit. Gajera Vidhyabhavan, Utran conducted a special event on 09th of March, 2022.

The vital subject of the event was to focus on “SAY NO TO SMOKING” which witnessed participation of around 50-60 learners.

The event began by the renowned Dr. ILA MAVANI with the statistics shown to everybody regarding death figures caused

due to tobacco consumption which left everyone awestruck. Event was a smash hit and truly made students to take 'PLEDGE FOR LIFE'.

Students became well aware about the Smoking monster and made up their mind to stay miles away from it.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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