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Parent Educator Meeting

Parents Educators Meeting was scheduled on 27th August, 2022 for Grade 1 to 9 at Gajera International School, Utran. Parent-Educator Meeting is a great opportunity for both the Educator and Parent to work for the betterment of the child. At GISU, the role of both - Educators and Parents are mutually clear, specified and designed in such a way that it brings the best in the students’ performance.

Educators shared their insights regarding learners- strong and weak points. And we are sure that it will result in the development of a child’s holistic future. Parents & Educators- both are working to make a difference in the child’s education. The guidelines of Makers day, prize money and other details were also explained to the parents.

The future line up of events and field trips were also introduced to the parents. Educators discussed and shared the overall personality of a child with the parents i.e. his/her behavior, manner, habit, attitude, learning styles, relation to self and society, etc.

It is a junction to meet the needs of a child. Such meetings and interactions, go a long way in strengthening our commitment for the progress of the students.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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