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Parent Orientation Programme

The young mind is flexible, sensitive, and is influenced and shaped by events in the outside world. Most of what children learn is acquired by exploring, playing with, and observing the relationship between objects. Our aim is to encourage children to be self-disciplined, caring, and tolerant honest, friendly, and to inculcate 21st-century skills in them.

This cannot be achieved by teachers alone. We believe parents and teachers need to join hands to achieve this. An orientation program with an expert in the field of Clinical psychologist, Researcher, and certified cognitive behaviour therapist, Dr. Vinita Berry was invited as a guest to address the parents.

The Principal extended a warm welcome to the parents, telling them a bit about the school and the importance of good parenting and teaching. The parents got a glimpse of the confidence and enthusiasm of the little ones through a little performance by the children of Pre – Primary, where they sang a prayer song delightfully for the parents.

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Vinita Berry has an interactive session with the parents, helping them understand their child and the problems they could face in the new phase in their child’s life. A few points highlighted are the importance of constant communication and the importance of observational learning.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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