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Parents' Orientation Program

Building Bridges for Little Minds by Empowering Parents for Early Education Excellence

Gajera International School, Utran recently organized a remarkable orientation program for parents of Pre-Primary parents. The event served as a platform to guide parents on the importance of phonics, sounds, and general behavior with their young children. By equipping parents with valuable insights and strategies, the school aims to foster a strong partnership between parents and educators, ensuring optimal support for the holistic development of their children.

The orientation program began with an enlightening session on phonics and its significance in early literacy development. Parents were introduced to the fundamental principles of phonics, which involves understanding the relationship between sounds and letters. Ms. Reshu Nigam emphasized the importance of phonics in enhancing reading, writing, and language skills among young learners. She shared practical tips and techniques to help parents engage their children in phonics-based activities at home, fostering a love for reading and language acquisition from an early age.

Effective communication skills are vital for a child's holistic development, and the orientation program placed special emphasis on this aspect. Parents were provided with useful strategies to promote language development in their children. They learned how to engage their little ones in meaningful conversations, stimulate vocabulary growth, and encourage active listening. The session highlighted the significance of reading aloud, storytelling, and singing as powerful tools for language enrichment. By incorporating these techniques into daily routines, parents can create an environment conducive to language development and nurture their children's curiosity and imagination.

Understanding and managing a child's behavior is essential for their social and emotional well-being. The orientation program addressed this aspect, offering valuable insights on fostering positive behavior in Pre-Primary students. Parents were guided on creating consistent routines, setting clear boundaries, and implementing positive reinforcement strategies. They learned about the importance of empathy, active listening, and effective communication in building strong parent-child relationships. The session also emphasized the significance of modeling positive behavior as a powerful tool for children to learn from their parents' actions and words.

The orientation program served as a platform to strengthen this partnership by fostering open communication and providing parents with the necessary knowledge and tools to support their children's learning journey. Parents were encouraged to actively engage with teachers, participate in school activities, and stay informed about their child's progress. By working hand-in-hand, parents and educators can create a nurturing and supportive environment for all students.

By providing insights into phonics, sounds, and general behavior with young children, the program equipped parents with the necessary knowledge and strategies to support their child's early development. With this collaborative effort between parents and educators, GISU aims to create a strong foundation for the future success of its students, nurturing them into confident, well-rounded individuals.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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