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Science Week Celebration

Updated: Mar 7

Science Week is an event celebrated to promote science education and encourage students to explore and discover the wonders of science.

Gajera International School, Utran celebrated Science Week with great enthusiasm and excitement, with the aim of igniting curiosity and passion for science in our students.

The week-long celebration began with a Parents Interaction Session on Astronomy for parents and students of Grade 1 and 2.

This session was organized by Gajera International School in collaboration with SPACE Surat in which they got a chance to observe the moon and planets through the telescope for the first time.

Some astronomical facts were also discussed with them during the session. It was followed by ‘Destination Moon and Planets’ workshop for students of Grade 3 to 5 and ‘Evening Rendezvous with the Sky’ for students of Grade 6 to 8 on the second and third day respectively wherein students learned about the features of the moon, facts about planets visible from the Earth and interesting facts about Galilean moons.

They also performed some hands-on activities and observed moon and planets through the telescope.

The week was packed with a variety of activities, experiments, and competitions designed to encourage students to engage in scientific exploration and discovery.

The students were reminded of the various scientific discoveries that have shaped our world and how science has helped us understand and solve complex problems. One of the most exciting activities was the "Science Quiz" where students competed in teams to answer a series of challenging questions on a variety of scientific topics. The competition was intense, and the atmosphere was charged with excitement as students put their knowledge and skills to the test.

Throughout the week, the students were also treated to several exciting science demonstrations, including a liquid nitrogen show, a chemistry magic show etc. These demonstrations sparked the students' curiosity and imagination, and they were left with a sense of wonder and amazement.

The Science Week celebration concluded with a grand finale on 28th February 2023 where the winners of the quiz were announced and awarded with prizes. In conclusion, the Science Week celebration was a huge success, and it provided a fantastic opportunity for students to explore and discover the wonders of science.

The various activities and competitions were engaging, exciting, and educational, and they helped ignite a passion for science in our students. We hope to continue celebrating Science Week every year, inspiring and encouraging our students to explore the fascinating world of science.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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