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Seminar on Developing Parent- Child Healthy Relationship

" Parents are a child's first teachers and role models”

Gajera Trust always fosters tremendous development for its educators, parents and learners that helps them to become dynamic in education fraternity. For that, it organizes constructive training sessions for them at regular intervals. The seminar entitled as ' Developing Healthy Parent- Child Relationship" was held at GISU on 11th December 2021 to enhance healthy Parent- Child Relationship.

The Seminar was conducted by Ms. Veena Vaishy who is a Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Auro University, Surat. She conducts psychological counseling, assessments and training sessions for all the age groups. She has coached more than 8000 corporate employees, entrepreneurs and more than 100 post graduate students on various psychometric assessments. She has also established provisions for differently abled children under the rule of Council of Boards(ICSE) New Delhi. Along with that, she has designed Career Blueprints for over 2300 young achievers in schools and colleges.

The counseling session saw a huge number of enthusiastic parents eager to know what is best for their child and how to build a strong and positive parent-child relationship!!!

During the course of the session, Ms. Veena Vaishy highlighted on the roots of relationship and the importance of communication to build a healthy relationship among parents and children.

During the interactive session, parents came up with pertinent queries and were guided well towards solution.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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