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Sifar - 2 (A Musical Evening)

“Singing is an art in itself. It means performance from the heart… as you really have to feel the words, to deliver the magic that captures the audience.”- Hariharan.

Music tends to hit on us at deep level. Whether it is sad music that helps us feel relatable when we are going through hard times or joyful music that adds an extra bounce to your step, music is incredibly powerful! Any music listener will agree that music can evoke emotions such as pride, elation, or relaxation. Music does more than that for humans: it stimulates various parts of the brain and bodily responses.

Gajera International school, Utran organised SIFAR - 2 (A musical Evening) on 17th October where Parents, Educators & Learners performed on different melodious songs. It was one of the best and lively night for all the people present there. The event started with Lamp Lighting by the chief guest – Mr. Keyur Nagala who is a singer and Trustee at Muskan Charitable Trust. He has won the title of Surat’s Best Model in 2016.

It was wonderful to hear all singers making music together, arranging extra rehearsals as necessary, and in performance, really listening to each other and working together both as a team and as soloists.

The participants presented each and every performance with great pomp and show. Their enthusiasm was heart winning.

Everyone complimented the students on their hard work and dedication. Overall, the evening was a real success.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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