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Subject Enrichment Workshop

Gajera International school, Utran ensures that the teachers here must undergo some professional and vocational training time to time to stay updated on new methods and skills of teaching. The training sessions are held to make sure that every teacher must adapt few important techniques and methods to get best result overall.

GISU has its own culture and ethos and our school makes it possible for everyone to instil them with same values through several training sessions and workshops. The teachers are trained in such a way that they are capable enough to conduct some theme-based morning assembly and present school bulletins. Educators of Social Science Subject show their active participation in the workshop.

Training is the process of teaching people from all spheres of life a specific skill, behaviour and learning concepts in all technical and non-technical areas. The training sessions in GISU, inculcate capacity building activities that are designed to improve and enhance the skills to prosper in the fast- paced world of learning and teaching.

This subject enrichment workshop was conducted by the Ratnasagar. The speaker for the session was Mrs. Ela Jai Kapadia.

The training of the teachers assumes even greater significance in the wake of the promulgation of New Education Policy 2021.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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