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Teachers' Training Program on Professional Development

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Gajera Trust always fosters a tremendous personal drive for its educators and helps them to become dynamic in education fraternity. For that it organizes constructive training sessions for them at regular intervals. The seminar entitled as ' Learn Hindi with Nature” was held at GISU on 17th November 2021 to enhance classroom strategies and teaching methodology of Hindi Educators.

The Seminar was conducted by Mrs. Kamna Gupta who is a successful educator, humanist, author, and motivator. She explained how to incorporate nature in Learning Hindi Language. She believes that all learners are different from the viewpoint of intellectuality. It is a duty of an educator to locate the innate latent skills that are lying in each child. One more seminar entitled as ' Content and language integrated learning ' which was held at GISU on 19/11/21 to enhance classroom strategies and teaching methodology of English Educator. The Seminar was conducted by Ms Shradha Anand who is an author of several well-liked school text books – on English, General Knowledge, Value education, Social Studies and Preschool.

She is a resource person and materials & curriculum developer for CBSE, ICSE schools and State Boards.

Ma'am has trained teachers to replace the chalk and talk method of lesson delivery by teaching them innovative and the latest teaching methods.

She has been training teachers in a vast range of topics for over a decade. She has travelled extensively Pan India to meet teachers. Shradha Anand also gives motivational talks which help teachers to reengineer their teaching methodology, pedagogy, transaction and delivery. She is currently an author and an educational consultant with several educational publishers for the past 18 years.

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