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The Newest Crater on Moon

The earth and the Moon are two celestial objects that exist in the universe with harmony. The Moon is natural satellite of Earth. The position of Moon and its size depicts the seasons and situations on Earth. Earth has a well-defined atmosphere whereas the Moon has no atmosphere. The Atmosphere on Earth is responsible for Life and various natural phenomenon that are happening on the surface of the Earth.

Today the Space technology has developed with leaps and bounds. With this rise in curiosity the world has also seen launch of space vehicles in the space. Due to ware and tare the spacecraft’s fragments float in the space such as A piece of a spacecraft flying through space reportedly hit the surface of the moon last Friday. The piece is around 65 feet wide, The piece of space junk, a third­stage booster of Chang’e 5­T1 , a lunar mission launched by China, weighs four tonnes and was moving at a speed of 9,300 km an hour, American astronomer Bill Gray, who runs a blog called Project Pluto, predicted the collision by tracking the object.

The earth and the moon have been hit by multiple objects like asteroids throughout their existence, but craters on the moon are of a more permanent nature than those on earth. This is because of processes like erosion, tectonics, and volcanism. According to NASA, these processes keep the surface of the earth crater free and remove traces of collisions that have happened in the past. Currently, the earth has less than 200 known craters while the moon has thousands.

An absence of atmosphere means there is no wind system and no weather on the moon, the hence no cause for erosion of existing craters. Absence of tectonics prevents the moon’s surface from forming new rocks, or causing a shift in the existing surface patterns, unlike that on earth. Lastly, absence of volcanism makes it impossible for craters to be covered.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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