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World Tourism Day

“The desire to explore new places and cultures has helped the world to come together and connect effectively.”

The joy of exploring the world can be matched by very few other things in life. Which makes it important to recognise, admire and celebrate it. Word Tourism Day does that exactly, and more. Observed on 27th September every year, World Tourism Day is an important event that aims to raise awareness about the significance of tourism around the world.

World Tourism Day was established by the UN World Tourism Organization in September 1979, and its inaugural events took place on September 27 of the following year. The UNTWO Statutes were enacted on September 27, 1970, which was chosen as the day to observe this holiday since it marked a significant turning point for tourism globally.

India was a host country for World Tourism Day 2019. It was chosen because it has a different geographical entity than the rest of Asia. India can offer a tourist different tourism choice, diverse cuisines, arts, faiths, music forms, adventures places, history and even language.

Keeping this in mind, Gajera International school, Utran celebrated the World tourism day through an activity called “Bombing Continents". A World map was drawn on the ground and learners were asked to spot their favourite places and its characteristics. The objective behind conducting this activity was to make the learners aware of the different continents and countries in the world and help them in learning about the social, cultural, and financial significance of tourism. They also got a chance to understand the importance of tourism in determining the different types of Continents in the world. Educators explained about different tourist places and monuments of India also.

By Gajera International School, Utran


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